Friday, June 15, 2012

True Story Art!

Hey! The fabulous artist Jimmy Lo created these amazing sketches of last month's show-ers and tellers at May's Artifact Night--and then was kind enough to let us share 'em here. Thanks, Jimmy!  Check out more of his engaging work here.

See you tonight for more true tales at True Story #15!

 1. Alison Harney, of the childhood diaries
 2. Bill Taft, of the passionate middle-school street-letter
 3. Jennifer Nittoso. Totally sneaks Judy Blume under her open math books in class.
 4. Kate Sweeney, to whom something indecent happened at an REM show
5. Randy Osborne, of the haunting childhood tales
5. Sirkka Hougard, whose artifact is her self.

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