Thursday, June 7, 2012

True Story #15 Readers: Where You've Seen 'em Before

Hey-oh, oh-ay. True Story's about a week away. 

Yep: Friday, June 15th at Kavarna, it's another night of true tales you'll NEVER FORGET.  

Well, maybe you will, but nonetheless, we here at True Story know that the evening will remain a point of joy in your life's recollections till they dim, then fade to nothing but a feeling of warmth and camaraderie that are evoked one day when a stranger or a friend speaks the words: "True Story. June 2012." 
Sunlight on your back. 
Fellow feeling.

And in that spirit, here's more about our readers:

Nicholas TECOSKY
Nicholas Tecosky is a writer/performer living in Atlanta. He is one of the cranky nerds behind WRITE CLUB Atlanta and her weekly podcast, and one of the writers behind V/H/S, the found-footage horror omnibus opening in theaters in October. He occasionally acts as well, and will be seen as a grumpy Russian underling this autumn in A&E's miniseries Coma. He co-shares a large dog.

Listen, people: Jack Walsh is not to be trifled with. Or, should that be “is not one with whom you should trifle?” Trifle not with the one who is called Jack Walsh.

Bleh. Whatever. Don’t mess with Jack. He’s like a force of nature most akin to, let’s say, an overcast day. He can’t decide if he’s going to be temperate and breezy or dull and depressing or just end up ruining your ultimate Frisbee game. So there. Y’know what, though? So what if it’s cloudy? We should totally go do something fun, you guys! 

But, on second thought, Jack should probably try to make it into the office sometime today. There, he co-produces the Emmy-winning program Get Delicious! on PBA30, which you might know better as “that show on the other PBS station where the big, bearded, tattooed guy eats a lot of food.” 

That reminds me: you should definitely check out the new episode when it premieres on July 5. There are several reasons to do so, not least of which is a guest appearance by the curator and host of a certain bi-monthly reading series that takes place at Kavarna. Another reason is that it’s subtitled “Barbeque, Bacon and Other Adventures in Meat.” 

Jack also directed the Emmy-winning Four Days at Dragon*Con and co-produces the multiple Emmy-losing This is Atlanta.

Jeffery WELLS
Jeffery Wells might read about unsolved murders from Edwardian-era Atlanta. He might read about Bigfoot. That's 'cause this local historian is the author of both The Atlanta Ripper: The Unsolved Story of the Gate City’s Most Infamous Murders and Bigfoot in Georgia.
Wowzers. He teaches History and Social and Behavioral Sciences at Georgia Military College.

See you next Friday.

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