Sunday, December 4, 2011

"True Story" Rocks it This Friday....Atlanta Mag Gives Shout-out

Rah-rah, ATL Write Scene!

A piece in this month's Atlanta Magazine recognizes Write Club, Carapace, Kill Your Darlings, the Wren's Nest, and (gasp,) all the other lit-tastic happenings around the city--including True Story. Hurrah!

What a lurvely Christmas present.

We'll see you Friday, right?

That's when Thomas Wheatley, Justin Heckert and John Jeremiah Sullivan will kill it. We can pretty much guarantee a bang-up time: about as much fun for absolutely free on a Friday night as you've ever had, at least since the last time you were doing dishes and held that impromptu dance party all by yourself....or maybe just since the last True Story. We can't be the judge of everything.

Anyway: 8:00, Kavarna. See you there.

True Story #12: We can't promise a dance party won't break out.

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