Sunday, March 27, 2011

"True Story!" #9 a Smashing Success; Up Next: Tell Your True Tale!

A great big thanks to everyone who came out to "True Story!" #9! It was a veritable blast.

As Wednesday, April 13th approaches, we grow ever-more-excited about welcoming LA Times journalist and writer Sam Quinones, who's traveling to the ATL from the left coast and stopping by our stage for True Story's first-ever special event: an evening of storytelling and a nonfiction workshop. We are psyched to partner with the MA in American Studies Program at Kennesaw State University and the Georgia Writers Association to make it happen.

It should rule. Mark your calendars and bring your own nonfiction-in-the-making down to Kavarna at 8:00 pm on Wed. April 13th.

More on Sam Quinones' Nonfiction Workshops

Tell Your True Tale workshops get writers to think of their own experiences and of those around them as raw material for avoiding writer's block. We’ll work to make the writing read like fiction, but each story should be entirely nonfiction. By insisting on stories told in limited space, the True Tales approach forces writers to hone their thoughts and imagination, eliminate unnecessary words, make the hard choices that are part of strong writing, no matter the genre.

Even more on Sam and on April 13th reading here.
See ya there.

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